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Conn’s Nursery has plants and trees
to fit every need. Practical, decorative,
everything in between…we have it all!


“Conn’s Nursery always has what I want, even before I’m sure what that is exactly. Very pleased with your company’s service and attention to detail. Thanks for always taking great care of me!”

- Joanne Phillips

Visit our nursery in Hayesville to see
our extensive offerings, including classic
favorites and new inventory. Sit down with
an experienced team member and make
your landscaping ideas come to life!

What We Offer


Take the hassle out of replanting your yard every year…go perennial!

Perennial plants last years rather than months, so they’re less expensive in the long run.

At Conn’s, we offer all the popular perennials, as well as a few unique varieties.


Tree’s are the cornerstone of any yard. Take yours to new heights with any of our unique selection.

We provide quality and unique trees for your landscape, from shade trees to ornamental.

Conn’s has any tree to fit the right space in your yard.

Shrubs & Grass

Landscaping isn’t just about flowers and trees…shrubs and grass provide the framework to our yards!

There’s a proper shrub or grass for every landscape situation, and we can help you find it.

Conn’s extensive selection of shrubs and grass will make any yard shine.



Mulch is as important to the landscaping as the plants it enhances. It keeps moisture in and weeds out, protects roots in the cold
winter months, and most importantly, make your plants stand out and look more appealing.

At Conn’s, we provide:

• color enhanced brown mulch • color enhanced black mulch • color enhanced red mulch • double-processed bark mulch