We offer a variety of landscaping, retail, and wholesale services. Our free landscape design will take your dreams from the page to your yard, as pain-free as possible!

Our landscape professionals are trained to listen to your needs and concerns. Our services will complement the plants you choose to decorate your home or business!

We care about your outdoor space
as much as you do!

Our services include:

  • Design.
    First we ask you to bring photos to our business so we can ask questions and become familiar with your property. Once we have all the information, our team starts drawing the design. From there we refine our design with the customer’s input to get the best results possible.
  • Installation.
    Let Conn’s Nursery provide the landscaping of your dreams. Our installation process starts with selecting the highest quality plant material from our nursery, then goes to careful installation following the approved design. You can expect a beautiful outcome each and every time.
  • Maintenance.
    Face it—very few actually enjoy doing yard work (we’re one of the rare exceptions!). Conn’s takes the hassle out of doing it yourself. We can plant your landscaping, cut your grass, clean up leaves in the fall, and keep all your plants watered and looking healthy.
  • Tree Services.
    Trees are usually the foundations of any landscaping design. Ask the experts about spraying, tree diseases, insects, and more. Our suite of tree-related services, from full-service tree trimming and removal to pruning, and even stump grinding, will keep your yard looking great.
  • Fertilization.
    Fertilizing trees and shrubs is very important. It’s the first step in keeping your plants healthy and looking good season after season. Call us or stop in to find out what fertilizer you should be using. There are a variety of types that can behave quite differently. We’d love to help you pick the right one!
  • Weed Control.
    Spring, summer, and fall: weeds will stop at nothing to infiltrate your yard. The weed control products you find in stores can be confusing and ineffective, so leave it in our professional hands. We’ll keep the weeds at bay with our thorough weed control services. Before you do anything, ask a professional’s advice!

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